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NW3 Garden, London - In Progress

NW3 gARDEN, London

A scheme comprising a spacious rear garden and small front drive for a newly renovated house in Hampstead.

The rear garden comprises a large area of sunken rectangular lawn to allow for ball games. Alongside the lawn, a breedon gravel path leads one through large shade tolerant shrubs to a proposed gym building at the rear of the garden.

A sculptural focal point to be read from when one first enters the property is positioned in front of the back wall atop a hard landscaped surface on an axis which aligns with the front entrance door. Other sculptures sit amongst the shrubs and seasonal flowers to create a winding sculpture garden.

Immediately to the rear of the property a hard landscaped area is proposed which includes outdoor cooking facilities, a dining area and minimal fireplace. A sunken seated area with a focal lily bowl and herb planting at head height adds a further living element to the space.

With regards to the drive area, the very front boundary of the property is planted with Dicksonia antartica trees amongst small evergreens contained via a retaining wall. Shade-tolerant climbing plants such as Hydrangea anomala subsp. petiolaris  are proposed to be trained up the front facade of the house. The hard landscape allows for parking of 4 vehicles.