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Elisabeth Frink Gallery, Chelsea

Elisabeth Frink Gallery, Chelsea

Set in the grounds of Chelsea College of Art and Design, adjacent to Tate Britain, this gallery celebrates the pure primality of Elisabeth Frink's work. Spaces were designed around Frink's main sculptures creating a number of permanent galleries which seek to explain the meaning of each work through play of light, shadow, tactility and scale of room.

A range of conditions for curation were created via the employment of north, south, top and artificial light. Further variation of light is achieved through use of a glazing motif. This motif was inspired by a Frink sketch named 'Apocalypse' and is repeated at differing densities to achieve three diffuse light levels.  

The landscape aspect of the scheme is extended beyond Atterbury Street to the banks of the river Thames. A terrace is proposed as a green thoroughfare for the surrounding community and relates to Frink’s environmental preocuppations.

It is intended that the landscaped terrace will establish a new habitat for wildlife, reduce contamination of existing soil via the phytoremediation process of willow trees and improve the quality of immediate Thames water. The plants for the terrace were chosen according to their growth preferences. The terrace is southerly orientated, exposed to windy conditions and the soil is clay based and believed to be contaminated. The ground conditions close to Millbank are similar to a water meadow and become more marshy towards the river hence the selection of reeds, rushes and willows.